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The Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) provides support services to Samson Cree Nation members who are pursuing post-secondary education. This program was handled by the Department of Indian Affairs until 1994. In 1994, the Samson Cree Nation Board of Education assumed control over the Post-Secondary program. The program receives funds from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (I.N.A.C), Samson Cree Nation, and other provincial grants.

Treaty Right to Education

Refers to Treaty No. 6 between Her Majesty the Queen and the Plains and Wood Cree Indians of Fort Carlton and Fort Pitt 1876 as follows:

nd further, Her Majesty agrees to maintain schools for instruction in such reserves hereby made as to Her Government of Dominion of Canada may seem advisable, whenever the Indians of the reserve shall desire it.

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Post-Secondary Student Support Program's Perspective

A Direct Education Pathway, for the purposes of PSSSP, is the pathway a student declares on his/her application that outlines what the applicant’s intended outcome is in terms of a diploma or degree and a job or career that the applicant will be prepared for at the end of his/her schooling. A Direct Education Pathway can include more than one diploma or degree depending on the intended job or career.

Therefore, before applying for funding through the PSSSP, it is important for students to consider their career and educational goals and the pathway for achieving those goals. The PSSSP program is designed to support SCNM in receiving a quality education that will prepare them for successful careers and entrance into the workforce.