Services Offered

The Post-Secondary Student Support Program helps to fund tuition, books, living allowance, registration fees, and more!

Types of Support


Full-Time Support

For students taking three or more classes per academic term. We will help with the cost of tuition, books, living allowance and registration fees

Part-Time Support

For students taking two or less classes per academic term. We will help with the cost of tuition, books and registration fees

Upon approval, the Post-Secondary Student Support Programs (PSSSP) will help Samson Cree Nations students with:

Registration & Application Fees

The cost of one application fee to a university.

Books & Supplies

$1000.00 maximum per semester. This book allowance is used for the required textbooks for the course along with basic stationary. Students are allowed up to $1000.00 for the semester. (ex. If a student’s books total 800.00 they are not allowed to use the remaining $200.00).


$6000.00 maximum per academic year for undergraduate students or $7000.00 for Masters/Doctoral students.

Living Allowance

Assists with essential items such as rent, food, clothing, etc and rates can be located in the PSSSP policy.

Other Types of Support


Admissions Tests/ Preparation for Admissions Tests

We will pay for one sitting of an admissions test, per student, upon successful acceptance into the program and acceptance into the PSSSP. We will also help pay for the fees associated with the preparation courses for admissions tests; however, students receiving this support must complete the admission test within six months of the time that he or she completes the preparation course.

Guidelines on University and College Preparation Programs (UCEP)

UCEP are programs designed to increase the academic readiness of First Nation and eligible Inuit students to successfully complete diploma and degree programs offered at approved post-secondary institutions. Some common UCEP programs are Aboriginal Education Programs, University Transfer Programs, and Transitional Year Programs. Depending on the institution and how they have set up their program, these programs can basically constitute complete high school upgrading and can span a number of years.

The Post-Secondary Student Support Programs (PSSSP) maintains the following policies in regards to UCEP:
  1. PSSSP will only fund one academic year of UCEP programs.
  2. UCEP applicants must have not been funded previously for certificate, diploma, or degree programs.
  3. UCEP applicants must provide a letter from the institution attesting that the UCEP Program will provide them with the necessary courses and that the student will be academically ready to be enrolled in a regular university or college credit program by the end of the one academic year.
  4. UCEP students are required, by the end of the first term of their UCEP program, to receive a written statement from their institution indicating the successful completion of the courses taken during that term, and that the student is on track to complete the UCEP program within the allotted time of one academic year.

Approved Program of Studies

Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, PH.D, & Professional degrees.

*Certificates less than 1 academic year, Trades, & Adult Upgrading will be referred to Samson H/R.