Our Philosophy

The goal of the Maskwacis Outreach School is to meet the student’s needs. Not to have the student meet the needs of the school. In a traditional setting, the students conform to the rules and procedures of the school for the good of the entire student body, whereas in our school individual student needs are the priority.

The focus of our school is to facilitate each student’s personal growth as well as to promote and develop skills which will allow the students to become responsible and self-directed. It is hoped that students will acquire a lifelong appreciation for learning.

Maskwacis Outreach School serves all Four Bands in a unique partnership to deliver a quality school program.

Our Beliefs
    We believe that it is important to:

  • Inspire all with a sense of HOPE.
  • Create an environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Personalize education.
  • Recognize diversity.
  • Address the social/emotional needs of our students.
  • Establish and maintain open lines of communication allowing for positive work relationships.
  • Have students take ownership of their learning.